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jgb private art services is pleased to present … a complete lack of ideas … Tea with Matthew Burbidge. burbidge is a berlin-based british artist whose oeuvre includes painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and installations assembled with found and ordinary objects combined to produce extensive and intricate spaces, some of which seem to defy the logic of gravity. art-historical references abound in burbidge’s work – from artists as diverse as marcel broodthaers to jean tinguely to albrecht duerer – and he beautifully juxtaposes these elements to create fresh, contemporary works, honoring his forebears, while asserting his right to stand among them as their equal.
in this exhibition, a constellation of pieces will be shown, including works on paper, sculpture, installation, an intervention and a collaborative performance with the artist and any viewers who may wish to participate. … a complete lack of ideas … highlights burbidge’s purposeful decision to freely be inspired by his predecessors and his contemporaries, both seriously and playfully adapting their work to his specific vision concerning the difficulties of artistic practice and grappling with questions about original thought and the definition of fine art.
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