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ms. jean griffin borho, founder and director of jgb private art services, is a los angeles-based arts professional. born and raised in new york city, she has been intimately connected to the new york art world for more than 20 years, beginning her career at the two largest auction houses in the world, christie’s and sotheby’s respectively.

ms. griffin borho has been a trustee of new york city’s sculpturecenter since 2004 and also a private collector of contemporary art for the last 15 years. after graduation from brown university, where she took classes at the acclaimed rhode island school of design, she has worked exclusively in new york city, berlin and los angeles, introducing collectors to emerging artists, advising clients on all levels of collecting and organizing cultural tours for museum groups visiting various cities.

most recently, ms. griffin borho was the managing director of galerie bodhiberlin, broadening her contemporary art expertise to encompass indian contemporary art, and, in september 2014, she was appointed the first west coast representative for villa grisebach auctions.
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Jean Griffin Borho